Craft breweries were affected by the government shutdown. Now that it’s over, how are local breweries in CT doing?

Was your favorite brewery affected by the government shutdown last month?

Due to the closure of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau during the government shutdown, many local breweries were adversely affected. Now that the shutdown is over, Mieum Media visited two craft breweries in Connecticut to see how things are going for them now.

Extended Interview with Tony Karlowicz:

Extended Interview with Tyler Jones and Tom Sobocinski:


Black Hog Brewing offered Mieum Media a six-pack and a four-pack of some of their beer as a gift of goodwill. It was made clear that this gift–the value of which totaled $26.00 USD–would not alter the nature of the reporting. As the story was covering the state of the brewery during the 2018/2019 government shutdown–and not the quality of the products being served–the gift was given and accepted in good faith.


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