interseCTion Audio Podcast has plans to debut soon

Last month, we announced that a podcast was in the works. Today we are proud to announce that the interseCTion audio podcast will start its debut on September 30 (See update below.) on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, and Patreon. The podcast itself will be a companion to the interseCTion videos that are uploaded each Wednesday. We’ll cover the story itself, host some exclusive commentary, and dive into extended interviews. If you’re more of a podcast person than a video person, then we’re sure you’ll enjoy our audio podcast. And if you’ve enjoyed watching interseCTIon, then we’re sure you’ll enjoy listening to the audio podcast as well.

Soundcloud: Coming soon!

Apple Podcasts: Coming soon!

Patreon podcast links: Coming soon!

UPDATE: Due to some technical limitations on our end, the interseCTion Audio Podcast release will not occur on September 30 as previously intended. Stay tuned!


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