New video on Wednesday, December 4

Time goes by when you’re having fun! The first episode of interseCTion was uploaded on November 10 of last year, meaning that we hit the one year anniversary on Sunday. I want to take this time to thank everyone, from the bottom of my heart, for the views, comments, clicks, likes, follows, and–of course–paid subscriptions on Patreon over the past year. The channel has grown considerably since then, and it could not have been done without the loyal patronage of our followers.

Since well before our first video debuted in November 2018, I have worked damn near every single day to provide the highest quality content possible. We did take a few tech weeks in which videos were not released, but even then we were busy with behind the scenes work. I would not for one second take back any a single day of this time. It was difficult and challenging, but also a lot of fun.

As a result, I’ve made the decision to take an extended Thanksgiving break. There will of course be some behind the scenes work and planning for our next video, but I will also be taking some time to consider the best direction for interseCTion and Mieum Media going forward. I will be updating Mieum Media’s social networking sites periodically throughout the month, and I look forward to returning with a new video in December.