Talking trash: Should a controversial waste proposal in South Windsor become CT’s new standard?

South Windsor is considering a different approach to trash policy called “pay as you throw.” Rather than charging a flat fee for residents regardless of how much garbage they throw out, the policy change would mean that people instead pay in advance for each bag. Yet, some residents are up in arms over the proposal.

However, experts say that these concerns are overblown. They contend that the fears of “pay as you throw” opponents have not occurred in other localities that have passed it. Mieum Media visited Stonington, a town on the southeastern shoreline, has had “pay as you throw” since the 1990s, to hear about the policy firsthand. 

Extended interview with Gregory Fielding can be found here:

Extended interview with John Phetteplace can be found here:

Extended interview with Kristin Brown can be found here:


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