Windham, Willimantic, Bridgeport, and Hartford reject ‘unfair’ criticism

Windham (Willimantic), Bridgeport, and Hartford have been dogged by negative perceptions for decades. This was best exemplified by a 2016 viral video which counted down the alleged “ten worst” places in Connecticut. Which the video was heavily criticized, it is still online and racking up more and more views. Mieum Media reached out to the ten cities targeted by this video, and today we bring you responses from City Manager Jim Rivers, Council President Gwendolyn Thames, and Mayor Joe Ganim about their respective cities.


Derby, New London, Waterbury: 

Meriden, New Britain, New Haven:

Extended Interview with Mayor Joe Ganim:

Extended Interview with Council President Gwendolyn Thames: Coming soon!

Extended Interview with City Manager Jim Rivers:



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