New video on Wednesday, July 3

This is a bit of a “tech week” for Mieum Media. We’ll be doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work and return with a new video next week. There are some big things planned to be released this summer. Stay tuned – not all of it is ready to be debuted quite yet! But we can share one big announcement with you today:

In order to be able to potentially launch new types of content, Mieum Media will be rebranding our preexisting flagship video series. In fact, “rebranding” might not even be the right term, as until today the series itself was without a proper title!

From here on out, our main series will be titled interseCTion. The new title refers to the intersection of traditional reporting, journalistic analysis, and transparent new media presentation — all while emphasizing its Connecticut-based beat.

While we work hard behind-the-scenes, please enjoy our catalogue of extended interviews or episodes of interseCTion you may have missed! See you next week.